PAO Photos

Paul Haney admiring the "Are You a Turtle" card from the Apollo 7 live television broadcast. Photo Credit: David Meerman Scott

Jack King in the Firing Room at Cape Kennedy's Launch Control Center during the countdown for Apollo 12. Photo Credit: NASA

Jack King briefs the news media on May 2, 1961 regarding the postponement of Alan Shepard's flight due to poor weather conditions. Three days later, Shepard made history as the first American in space. Photo Credit: NASA

Captain John E. McLeaish Public Information Director

Ellington Air Force Base, 1962 Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

McLeaish Retired from NASA in 1984. Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

While in quarantine with the astronauts following the Apollo 11 mission, John McLeaish advised Neil Armstrong on how to handle the media regarding the "one small step for A man" issue. Armstrong signed the EVA page of McLeaish's Flight Plan with the famous words. McLeaish treasured it the rest of his life. Photo Credit: Bonhams

Jack Riley (lower right) in the Press Room during the Apollo 13 crisis with Newsweek's Henry Simmons (above). Flight Director Gerry Griffin is in the MOCR, visible on the left through the window. Photo Credit: NASA

Terry White at his console in the Mission Control Operations Room during a Gemini-Titan 4 simulation. Photo credit: NASA

White receiving a One Year Service Pin at the Manned Spacecraft Center. Photo Credit: NASA

Several PAOs pictured at the post-quarantine Apollo 11 Splashdown Party.  From left to right: John McLeaish, Doug Ward (peeking over McLeaish), Paul Haney, Jack Riley, and Milt Reim. Ward and Neil Armstrong had the same Christian Dior tie, so Doug wore it while doing commentary of  the Apollo 11 landing, and also at the Splashdown Party.  He wore it 50 years later at the 50th Anniversary celebration in Mission Control. Photo Credit: Sy Liebergot

Paul Haney monitring events during the Gemini VII flight. Photo Credit: NASA

Inside the Mission Operations Control Room during recovery operations for the Gemini IV mission, from left to right, Bob Hart, Paul Haney, Al Alibrando, with Jack Riley standing in the back. Photo Credit: NASA

PAO console at the completion of the Apollo 11 mission. Doug Ward stands at left beside Jack Riley. Jack King is in the white shirt right of center beside the window frame. Julian Scheer is in front of him in the dark jacket. Brian Duff is partially hidden behind Scheer. Photo Credit: NASA

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