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Ward bio

Douglas K. Ward

Doug Ward graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder, paying his way through school by producing programs for the University’s radio and television department. His professional broadcast and news experience paved the way to a government job working with the Voice of America, which led to him being hired by NASA in 1966.


His first commentary assignment was on Apollo 7, and he did commentary on all Apollo missions except Apollo 9. For that flight his assignment was at the Cape where he was the principal source of information on the astronauts’ final preparation.

Following Apollo 14 Ward was designated Lead Commentator and was responsible for recommending commentary assignments and assembling commentary resource materials. Ward also served as media liaison for the MSC Space and Life Sciences Directorate and the Engineering Directorate. Late in the Apollo program he managed the Public Affairs Office audio visual support contract, overseeing the production, recording, distributing and archiving of mission audio, video, and still photography.

Between the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs Ward served a two-year management training assignment as an executive assistant in the NASA Administrator's office in Washington, D.C. He returned to Houston in 1981 as Deputy Director of Public Affairs and was appointed Director of Public Affairs in 1996. In his last assignment prior to retiring in 1999, Ward led NASA's media relations effort for John Glenn's return to space aboard the STS 95 shuttle mission. Ward currently lives in Middleton, Wisconsin.


(source: interview and emails from Doug Ward)

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